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Koch Bros Forced to Move Checkpoint at Donor Retreat

On Sat. Jan 30, I took photos of incoming guests at the Koch donor retreat. They sent out the hotel’s security deputy to intimidate me - told me it was a private sidewalk. I asked him to clarify the property line, he said the sidewalk wasn’t public until much farther down the street. I walked a little away from him, but stopped, and then he came back with 2 sheriffs. They also tried to make me leave; asked me to sign a notice of trespass; but realized they couldn’t once I asked them to clarify the property line. So, once they got clarification, that the sidewalk is indeed public, I was able to walk up to virtually the check-in point. This forced them to move their check in point at least 50 yards further inside the property! I took this video of them moving their tent. SO FUNNY, totally ate their lunch on their attempt to quash my constitutional rights.