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Lauren Interviewed About John Eastman Scoop on Joy Reid

Lauren Interviewed About John Eastman Scoop on Joy Reid

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Our John Eastman Scoop Featured on Rachel Maddow

Our John Eastman Scoop Featured on Rachel Maddow

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Our Mike Pence Video on Joy Reid

Our Mike Pence Video on Joy Reid

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Florida Republican Stirs Controversy by Calling for the Suppression of Pride Month as ‘Anti-Christian

07/16/2023, Delray Beach Times, Seth Nicolai

Florida GOP Hopeful Feels Personally Attacked By Rainbows

07/15/2023, Wonkette, Robyn Pennacchia

Florida Republican Calls to “Crush” Pride Month for Being “Anti-Christian”

07/14/2023, New Republic, Tori Otten

Far-right Florida Republican: 'We need to extinguish the left'

07/13/2023, AlterNet, Alex Henderson

GOP Chairman Calls For Extinguishing “The Left” at GOP Youth Summit

07/13/2023, The Intellectualist

A new normal? Florida Man running for Congress calls for 'extinguishing' the left

07/13/2023, Daily Kos, Aldous J Pennyfarthing

GOP Chair Caught on Camera Saying 'We Need to Extinguish the Left'

07/13/2023, Newsweek, Khaleda Rahman

Alarm after lawyer who aided Trump’s 2020 election lie attacks campus voting

05/8/2023, The Guardian, Peter Stone

Beyond Insane Another Billionaire Donor Drops Trump Over Election Lies

05/03/2023, MSN, Adam Nichols

The Jolt: Georgia megadonor tells Trump attorney election was clean

05/03/2023, AJC, Greg Bluestein

"The Jolt: Georgia megadonor tells Trump attorney election was clean"

05/03/2023, Election Law Blog, Justin Levitt

A top GOP lawyer wants to crack down on the college vote. States already are.

04/28/2023, New Jersey Monitor, Zachary Roth

A top GOP lawyer wants to crack down on the college vote. States already are

04/28/2023, Michigan Advance, Zachary Roth

Top Trump lawyer never saw proof of Dominion fraud claims

04/26/2023, AJC, Greg Bluestein

MAGA lawyer recorded while discussing ways to suppress the youth vote

04/22/2023, MSNBC, Ja'han Jones

Bradley Foundation board member Cleta Mitchell bemoans college voting in private meeting with top GOP donors

04/21/2023, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Bill Glauber

Republicans don’t complain much about polling places at senior centers

04/20/2023, Washington Post, Philip Bump

Top GOP lawyer decries ease of campus voting in private pitch to RNC

04/20/2023, Washington Post, Josh Dawsey and Amy Gardner

Reproductive rights are at risk in the 2023 Virginia legislative elections

04/17/2023, American Independent, Josh Israel

GOP governor says he's urged Fox News to break out of its 'echo chamber'

04/17/2023, NPR, David Folkenflik

Senator Marsha Blackburn feigns muteness when asked his she supports Trump dining with Nazis

11/30/2022, Boing Boing, Mark

House Republicans vow to use new majority to investigate right-wing conspiracy theories

09/16/2022, The American Independent, Josh Israel

News segment

10/29/2022, MSNBC, Joy Reid,

Paul Gosar Supports Shooting People At Home In Arizona But Not In Ukraine

10/28/2022, The Wonkette, Gary Legum

Paul Gosar caught on secret video seeming to approve of man who said he’d shot at immigrants

10/28/2022, The Independent, Shirley Chishom

‘This Country Needs You’: Watch Gosar’s Shocking Response When Man Tells Congressman He May Have Shot Migrants

10/27/2022, Mediaite, Michael Luciano

Nightly news segment

10/20/2022, Fox 10 Phoenix

Nightly news segment

10/19/2022, Fox 10 Phoenix

Congressman adds FBI’s Wray to possible post-election impeachment list

10/19/2022, MSNBC, Steve Benen

Rep. David Schweikert wants to 'break' up FBI, impeach Biden officials

10/19/2022, AZ Central, Emily Sacia

GOP congressman: Elect us and we'll spend next 240 days 'knifing the Biden administration'

10/18/2022,The American Independent, Josh Israel

Before ex-girlfriend's new allegation, Walker said he'd never paid for an abortion

10/04/2022, The American Independent, Josh Israel

Minneapolis looking at 6.5% property tax levy increase

09/22/2022, Minn Post, Brian Lambert

Michael Gableman, who produced no evidence of 2020 election fraud in $1 million review, now suggests the country needs revolution

09/19/2022, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Molly Beck

Gableman suggests 'revolution' to keep government honest

09/16/2022, The Daily Wire, A.J. Bayatpour

The Jolt: Duncan won’t endorse Burt Jones in lieutenant governor’s race

09/07/2022, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Greg Bluestein

Does U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz Want to Defund the FBI? He's Not Quite Saying Either Way.

08/31/2022, Dallas Observer, Jacob Vaughn,

Abuse of power': Video shows Ted Cruz calling for 'complete housecleaning' of FBI

08/31/2022, San Antonio Express News, Shepard Price

‘Leftie Twitter Is Gonna Lie’: Ted Cruz Torches MeidasTouch Over False Claim He’d ‘Defund The FBI’

08/30/2022, The Daily Wire, Virginia Kruta

Ted Cruz responds to false claims he supports defunding the FBI: 'Leftie Twitter is gonna lie

08/30/2022, The Blaze, Chris Pandolfo

Ted Cruz Calls for ‘Housecleaning’ in the FBI to Curb Abuse of Power in Undercover Video

08/30/2022, Mediaite, Candice Ortiz

Ted Cruz says FBI needs 'complete housecleaning' due to its 'horrific' abuse of power

08/30/2022, American Independent, John Israel

Officials discuss defunding FBI in wake of Mar-A-Lago search

08/16/2022, ABC 3 KMTV New Now Omaha, Local News Hit,

ALEC Honors Election Denier Facing a DOJ Subpoena in Fake Electors Scheme – Its National Chair

07/29/2022, Exposed by CMD, David Armiak

Sen. Ron Johnson admits to his role in the fake elector scheme

06/28/2022, Boing Boing, Jason Weisberger


Ron Johnson is still trying to explain his efforts on Jan. 6

06/28/2022, MSNBC, Steve Benen

Sen. Cruz, Sen. Johnson rally supporters at Wisconsin Center

06/25/2022, ABC WISN 12, Local News Hit

Ron Johnson confronted by liberal activist at Milwaukee airport about connection to false elector plot

06/24/2022, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Lawrence Andrea

Michigan Senate leader summoned to White House by Trump also subpoenaed by Jan. 6 panel

06/17/2022, Detroit Free Press, Dave Boucher

GOP spends millions on election volunteers to search for fraud

06/15/2022, Washington Post, Isaac Arnsdorf


Woman Sneaks Into Donald Trump's NRA Speech To Show How Lax Security Is

05/30/2022, Newsweek, Giulia Carbonaro,

Arizona Senate President Karen Fann: Decertification Is an Option If AG ‘Finds Huge Differences in the Vote Count’

05/05/2022, Tennessee Star, Rachel Alexander

Biden Roasts Trump, Trump Grand Jury in GA, and More!

05/03/2022, Meidas Touch Podcast


Audio recording of Karen Fann raises questions about past statements on Maricopa County election review

04/29/2022, AZ Central, Mary Jo Pitzl


Uncertify the election'? The embarrassment of Senate President Karen Fann is now complete

04/29/2022, AZ Central, Laurie Roberts


A Sickness Has Overcome the GOP with Lauren Windsor

04/22/2022, Lincoln Project Podcast, Reed Galen

Trumpland Superlawyer John Eastman Calls Supreme Court Cowards, Gets Remedial Lesson In Document Prep, Will Never Shut Up

04/20/2022, Above The Law, Liz Dye


US congressman reveals seats on committees are ‘literally’ bought

04/15/2022, RT

John Eastman reportedly pressures Wisconsin legislature to decertify 2020 election

04/12/2022, The Hill, Kelsey Carolan

Some Republicans continue to push for 'decertification' of 2020 election

04/02/2022, ABC News, Brittany Shepherd

The Jolt: Lawmakers rush to finish favorite bills before time runs out

03/29/2022, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Greg Bluestein


Mumbo jumbo gunk': Donald Trump's former acting attorney general trashes election conspiracy

03/01/2022, AlterNet, Brandon Gage


TX AG Ken Paxton Admits He Was at the Capitol on January 6th

Hill Reporter, Tara Dublin, 02/28/2022


In Wisconsin, 'Stop the Steal' Still Roiling GOP Politics

The Dispatch, Christian Schneider, 02/16/2022


Segment on Mike Shirkey's trip to DC to see Trump after the election, his plan to seize voting machines

MSNBC, Rachel Maddow, 02/03/2022

Donald Trump Blasts Mark Milley in Triggering Commentary

Red State, Bonchie, 01/30/2022

Post-election, women fear for the future of reproductive rights

The Commonwealth Times, Opinions Editor 11/17/2021

High Stakes, Low IQ': Stephen Colbert Trashes Trump 'Dumdums' Named In New Subpoena
Huff Post, Ed Mazza 11/10/2021

Michigan GOP legislative leaders file brief opposing Biden vaccine and test mandate
Detroit Free Press, Dave Boucher 11/10/2021

Steve Bannon Tells MAGA Audience: We’re Going To Get 50 Percent Of Black Men And Govern For Next 100 Years
MoGuldom, Ann Brown 11/10/2021

The Late Show With Stephen Colbert
The Late Show, Stephen Colbert 11/9/2021

Meet the Obscure Think Tank Powering Trump’s Biggest Lies
Vice News, Cameron Joseph 11/4/2021

Lauren Windsor Is Not the Female Borat, Thank You Very Much
Washingtonian, Jane Recker 11/2/2021

What did John Eastman really want to have happen?
The Washington Post, Philip Bump 11/1/2021

Conservative Superlawyer John Eastman Knows Who Is To Blame For The Capitol Riot And It Is Mike Pence
Above The Law, Liz Dye 11/1/2021

New Evidence on ‘Coup Memos’ Lawyer John Eastman – Charge Him And Disbar Him
BlogForArizona, AZ BlueMeanie 10/31/2021

Mob Lawyer: John Eastman's legal arguments carried with them the threat of violence
The Time of Monsters, Jeet heer 10/31/2021

Coup memo Attorney Now Accuses Mike Pence of Not rejecting The Election
Nation World News, News Desk 10/31/2021

Trump Lawyer Blamed Pence for Violence as Rioters Stormed Capitol
The New York Times, Luke Broadwater 10/30/2021

A trip to a video of a coup plotting attorney in a corner
Meczyki, Staff 10/30/2021

‘Coup Memo’ Attorney Blasts ‘Spineless’ GOP Lawmakers Who Refused To Jettison Election
Press News Agency, Staff 10/30/2021

John Eastman blames Pence for violence in January 6 riot
Mcezone, Staff 10/30/2021

Trump Coup Lawyer Opens Up on Hidden Camera
FreeSpeech, David Pakman 10/29/2021

A triptych of videos paint coup-plotting attorney into a corner
Daily Kos, Mark Sumner 10/29/2021

Lawyer in ‘coup note’ now blames Mike Pence for not throwing the election out
J99 News, Admin987 10/29/2021

‘Coup Memo’ lawyer now blames Mike Pence for failing to reject election
Bharat Express News, News Desk 10/29/2021

‘Coup Memorandum’ lawyer slams GOP lawmakers who refused to abandon elections
711 Web, Editorial Staff 10/29/2021

‘Coup Memo’ Attorney Now Blames Mike Pence For Not Tossing Out Election
Notisia 365, Staff 10/29/2021

Coup Memo' Attorney Now Blames Mike Pence For Not Tossing Out Election
Huff Post, Mary Papenfuss 10/28/2021

Lawyer behind Trump’s ‘coup memo’ filmed calling Republicans ‘spineless’ for not overturning election result
The Independent, Arpan Rai 10/28/2021

Listen: October 28, 2021 - Jim Manley | Lauren Windsor | Tracey Lewis
BackgroundBriefing, Ian Masters 10/28/2021

January 6th Committee Zeroing In On Ganahl Bestie Eastman
Colorado Pols, Colorado Pols 10/28/2021

Undercover Video: Trump Lawyer John Eastman Admits His Jan. 6 Memo Really Was the Plan, Throws Pence Under the Bus
ENM News, Staff 10/28/2021

VIDEO: Former Trump lawyer says his coup plan would have worked if it wasn't for Mike Pence
Salon, Kenneth Tran 10/27/2021

Eastman Memo author reverses his reversal on anti-election pitch
MSNBC, Steve Benen 10/27/2021

Undercover Video: Trump Lawyer John Eastman Admits His Jan. 6 Memo Really Was the Plan, Throws Pence Under the Bus
MEDIAite, Sarah Rumph 10/27/2021

What John Eastman says in public vs. private
MSNBC, Mehdi Hasan 10/27/2021

Trump lawyer John Eastman said 'courage and the spine' would help Pence send election to the House in comments before January 6
CNN, Andrew Kaczynski 10/27/2021

Oh, Oops! John Eastman Defends Coup Memo To Undercover Progressive
Crooks&Liars, Susie Madrak 10/27/2021

Undercover videos reveal John Eastman part of 'an ongoing attempt to subvert future elections': activist
RawStory, John Wright 10/27/2021

Lauren Windsor on MSNBC: Talking about John Eastman
MSNBC, Joy Reid 10/27/2021

Trump 'coup lawyer' caught on video boasting about quasi-legal memo; trashing Pence
MSNBC, Rachel Maddow 10/27/2021

John Eastman Busted On Camera Bragging About His Coup Memo
TPM, Christina Cabrera 10/27/2021

John Eastman, Coup-Plotting Lunatic, Almost Time For Your Subpoena!
Wonkette, Evan Hurst 10/27/2021

Trump insurrection stooge John Eastman just blew it
Palmer Report, Bocha Blue 10/27/2021

Lawyer Who Told Trump Pence Could Block the Election Says Riot Was FBI ‘Setup’
Vice News, Cameron Joseph 10/27/2021

Watch: Pence dumped on by Trumps Jan 6 coup memo man John Eastman UNDERCOVER caught out by Lauren Windsor
24/7 Eyes, Tony Dortie 10/26/2021

John Eastman, Last Seen Disavowing His Own Memo, Reaffirms Support for His Own Legal Reasoning on Hidden Camera; Says Mike Pence Didn’t Follow His Advice Because He’s an “Establishment” Republican
Election Law Blog, Rick Hasen 10/26/2021

Watch: Tara Setmayer is hosting Lauren Windsor for an all-new episode of LPTV's The Breakdown
LPTV, Tara Setmayer 10/26/2021

‘Basically we’ve outlawed abortion in Texas,’ Abbott says
Texas Signal, Kennedy Sessions 10/13/2021

Greg Abbott So Excited He Banned Abortion, Let Him Tell You In His Own Words!
Wonkette, Evan Hurst 10/13/2021

Texas governor questioned whether he would outlaw birth control or emergency contraception in undercover video
The Independent, Alex Woodward 10/12/2021

Transcript: The ReidOut, 10/12/21
MSNBC, Joy Reid 10/12/2021

Greg Abbott tells Lauren Windsor "we've basically outlawed abortion in Texas."
Our America - Pod Cast, Sawyer Hackett 10/12/2021

Gov. Abbott stung by activist, caught on camera bragging about outlawing abortion in Texas
Daily Kos, Rebekah Sager 10/12/2021

Abbott Caught on Camera Saying ‘Maybe’ He Would Outlaw Birth Control After Bragging ‘We’ve Outlawed Abortion in Texas’
New Civil Rights Mvmt, David Badash 10/12/2021

“Basically, We’ve Outlawed Abortion In Texas”: Texas Governor Greg Abbott
Reform Austin, Staff 10/12/2021

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott was open to banning birth control pills when asked
Boing Boing, Carla Sinclair 10/12/2021

The Liberal Activist Who Targets Republicans With a MAGA Masquerade
The New York Times, Trip Gabriel 10/7/2021

Youngkin caught saying he 'can remove' Virginia vaccine requirement 'on Day One'
American Independent, Josh Israel 9/28/2021

Republican rep wants a Biden-Trump rematch ... in 2021
MSNBC, Steve Benen 9/28/2021

Watch: GOP Rep. Paul Gosar is calling for a Trump-Biden election rematch by the end of the year.
CNN, Brianna Keilar 9/27/2021

Deranged Paul Gosar Wants New Election Before Year's End
Crooks & Liars, Heather 9/26/2021

Liberals claim democracy at stake over video of Republican congressman calling for new Biden v Trump election THIS year
RT, Staff 9/26/2021

Paul Gosar Calls Arizona Audit 'Good Start,' Wants Trump-Biden Rematch by Year's End
Newsweek, Christia Zhao 9/25/2021

Video: Watch Lauren's video of spineless Mike Pence, who despite being a target of the #MAGA mob on January 6th, praises the violent insurrectionists who wanted to hang him.
The ReidOut, Joy Reid 9/16/2021

Donald Trump und der „Wahlbetrug“: Mike Pence läuft nicht in die Falle
FrankfurterRundschau, Von Mirko Schmid 9/15/2021

Mike Pence under fire for praising woman who posed as a January 6 rioter
The Independent, Bevan Hurley 9/14/2021

Trump Tantrum: TFG Told Pence 1/5 ‘I Don’t Want to Be Your Friend Anymore’ If Former VP Certified Election
Hill Reporter, Tara Dublin 9/14/2021

Transcript: The ReidOut, 9/13/21
The ReidOut, Joy Reid 9/13/2021

Mike Pence 'Loves Your Heart' If You're A Seditous Capitol Rioter
Crooks & Liars, Frances Langum 9/13/2021

Meet the Democrats’ Answer to Sting Artist James O’Keefe
Daily Beast, Will Sommer 9/12/2021

Transcript: The ReidOut, 9/9/21
The ReidOut, Joy Reid 9/9/2021

How Republicans are set to boost Democratic turnout in 2022
Roll Call, Nathan Gonzales 9/9/2021

Will Trump run in 2024? Here’s what we know
Desert News, D. Hunter Schwarz 9/8/2021

Opinion | Ron Johnson’s wrong about everything but this: Joe Biden won big in 2020
Madison, John Nichols 9/7/2021

How People Would Feel About Trump Running For President Again, According To Polls
The List, Azure Hall 9/4/2021

Video Shows Jim Jordan Saying Donald Trump Is 'About Ready' to Announce 2024 Run
Newsweek, Darragh Roche 9/4/2021

Jim Jordan’s Office Denies He Was Caught Blabbing to Reporter About Imminent Trump 2024 Run
Daily Beast, Jamie Ross 9/3/2021

Rep. Jim Jordan was seen in a video saying Trump is 'ready to announce' a 2024 run, but the Ohio lawmaker's spokesperson denied it
Business Insider, Oma Seddiq 9/3/2021

Jim Jordan’s Office Denies He Was Caught Blabbing to Reporter About Imminent Trump 2024 Run
Daily Beast, Jamie Ross 9/3/2021

GOP Rep. Jim Jordan says Trump is 'ready' to announce his run for president in 2024 following the 'mess' in Afghanistan
Daily Mail, Morgan Phillips 9/3/2021

Trump ‘about ready to announce’ 2024 bid, says Jim Jordan in secretly filmed footage:’ I spoke to him yesterday’
The Independent, Graig Graziosi 9/3/2021

Donald Trump ‘just DAYS away from announcing 2024 run for president’, GOP Rep Jim Jordan says
The US Sun, Jack Williams 9/2/2021

Ron Johnson Gets Caught Debunking the Big Lie
The Nation, John Nichols 9/2/2021

Ron Johnson says 'nothing obviously skewed' in Wisconsin election results
The Hill, Lexi Lonas 9/1/2021

The use of unfounded fraud claims to limit voting access is more obvious than ever
The Washington Post, Philip Bump 9/1/2021

Sen. Ron Johnson was seen in a video conceding that Trump lost Wisconsin because '51,000 Republican voters didn't vote for him'
Business Insider, Cherly Teh 9/1/2021

Wisconsin’s Ron Johnson says ‘nothing obviously skewed’ about state’s 2020 election results
Minnesota Post, Staff 9/1/2021

McCarthy And MTG Are Having Meltdowns Over Jan. 6 Records Requests For Some Reason
TPM, Christina Cabrera 9/1/2021

Sen. Ron Johnson says ‘nothing obviously skewed about the results’ of Trump’s election loss in Wisconsin
The Washington Post, Timothy Bella 8/31/2021

Pro-Trump Senator Caught Explaining How Trump Lost the Election in Secretly Recorded Video
Second Nexus, Evan Brechtel 8/31/2021

Transcript: The ReidOut, 8/31/21
The ReidOut, Joy Reid 8/31/2021

Trump fans lash out at Republican Ron Johnson after senator admits Wisconsin election "not skewed"
Salon, Jon Skolnik 8/31/2021

The Trailer: Republicans didn't know how to attack Biden. They do now.
The Washington Post, David Weigel 8/31/2021

Ron Johnson Secretly Recorded Explaining Why Trump Lost Wisconsin [VIDEO]
Hill Reporter, Todd Neikirk 8/31/2021

Ron Johnson Supports Audit of 2020 Election in Wisconsin, Says He's Talked to Sidney Powell
Newsweek, Daniel Villarreal 8/30/2021

Protesters Chase Off QAnon Caucus's Anti-1/6 Committee Press Conference and It's a Thing of Beauty
Second Nexus, Evan Brechtel 7/27/2021

Matt Gaetz Wrong Place, Wrong Time Next to ‘Pedophiles For Trump’ Sign
PolitiZoom, PolitiZoom 7/27/2021

A GOP Event to Support Accused Insurrectionists Went Off the Rails Pretty Quickly
Washingtonian, Damare Baker 7/27/2021

Pity the MAGA Candidate Who Tries to Pivot
Intelligencer, Ed Kilgore 7/13/2021

The Trailer: Based or cringe? A new way of explaining the same old political brawls
The Washington Post, David Weigel 7/13/2021

Listen: Virginia GOP Gov. Candidate Glenn Youngkin Caught On Video Expressing Anti-Abortion Views
WAMU 88.5, Esther Ciammachilli 7/12/2021

GOP Lawmakers Filmed Saying They Would Be ‘Dead Meat’ Without Manchin And Sinema
Forbes, Andrew Solender 7/9/2021

GOP lawmakers caught on video telling activists to thank Manchin and Sinema for not blowing up the filibuster: 'Without that, we would be dead meat'
Business Insider, Joseph Zeballos-Roig 7/9/2021

Rick Santorum Responds to Undercurrent
Twitter, Windsor 7/9/2021

Rick Santorum caught on tape saying Republicans 'don't want the people's will to be done immediately'
Business Insider, Joseph Zeballos-Roig 7/9/2021

Rep. Chip Roy of Texas says he wants '18 more months of chaos and the inability to get stuff done'
San Antonio Current, Sanford Nowlin 7/8/2021

Video shows GOP candidate admitting he hides anti-abortion views to win over voters
The Independent, Nathan Place 7/8/2021

Abortion focus could alienate centrist voters, says GOP nominee Glenn Youngkin in secret video
WRIC ABC8, Jackie DeFusco 7/8/2021

GOP Rep. Ken Buck Says Google 'Chose the Winner' in 2020 Election by 'Changing Algorithm'
Newsweek, Jon Jackson 7/8/2021

Transcript: The ReidOut, 7/7/21
MSNBC, Joy Reid 7/7/2021

Republican Party spokesman Chip Roy says he wants “18 more months of chaos and inability to do things”
Creators Empire, Staff 7/7/2021

Chip Roy: GOP lawmaker says he wants ’18 more months of chaos and the inability to get stuff done’
Salten News, Staff 7/7/2021

Chip Roy: GOP legislator says he wants “18 more months of chaos and inability to get things done”
NewsBeezer, Staff 7/7/2021

GOP Rep. Chip Roy says he wants '18 more months of chaos and the inability to get stuff done'
CNN Politics, ` 7/7/2021

Secret filming shows GOP congressman saying party wants ‘18 months’ of disruption leading up to 2022 midterms
Independent, Gino Spocchia 7/7/2021

Video shows Glenn Youngkin saying he can’t fully discuss abortion or risk losing independent Virginia voters
The Washington Post, Gregory Schneider 7/7/2021

Transcript: The ReidOut, 7/7/21
MSNBC, Joy Reid 7/7/2021

Rep. Chip Roy Says GOP's 'Job' is to Slow Infrastructure Bill Down Until December 2022
Newsweek, Aila Slisco 7/6/2021

Rep. Mike Johnson Predicts Supreme Court Will Overturn Roe v. Wade
The Intercept, Max Ufberg 6/30/2021

Matt Gaetz Calls Arizona Audit 'Launchpad' for Audits Across America, Says Georgia's Next
Newsweek, Christina Zhao 5/23/2021

Ted Cruz said his election objections weren’t about blocking Biden. Then someone asked about it.
The Washington Post, Philip Bump 5/7/2021

Ted Cruz Confronted About His Efforts to Overturn the Election
Mediaite, Leia Idiby 5/7/2021

[WATCH] Undercover Reporter Busts Ted Cruz Bragging About ‘Leading’ Jan 6th ‘Fight’
Hill Reporter, Tara Dublin 5/7/2021

Perdue can’t vote on Georgia’s presidential electoral results this week
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Tia Mitchell 1/3/2021

Here Are The GOP Senators Who Have Hinted At Defying McConnell By Challenging Election
Forbes, Jack Brewster 12/22/2020

The Trailer: Best and worst of 2020
The Washington Post, David Weigel 12/22/2020

The Trailer: Your most burning campaign questions, answered
The Washington Post, David Weigel 12/20/2020

A frustrated Trump redoubles efforts to overturn election result
The Washington Post, Felicia Sonmez 12/20/2020

Trump Retweet Suggests Tuberville Will Challenge Electoral College Results in Senate
Newsweek, Emily Czachor 12/20/2020

President champions Alabama Senator for backing effort to challenge electoral college vote
WABC Radio, Ray Raimundi 12/20/2020

Senator David Perdue Caught In Lie — Won’t Challenge Electoral Vote (Because He Can’t)
The Hill Reporter, Steph Bazzle 12/20/2020

David Perdue vows to challenge the Electoral College on January 6, but his term expires on January 3
The Daily Kos, Staff 12/19/2020

Trump: Tuberville ‘a great champion....More Republican Senators should follow his lead’, William Thornton 12/18/2020

Sen.-elect Tommy Tuberville suggests he might challenge Electoral College count; other GOP senators mum
USA Today, Joey Garrison 12/17/2020

Tuberville Suggests He May Be Readying Electoral College Challenge
TPM, Kate Riga 12/17/2020

Senator-Elect Tommy Tuberville Threatens Electoral College Challenge When He Takes Office: ‘You’ll See What’s Coming’
MEDIAite, Colby Hall 12/17/2020

Sen.-elect Tuberville Hints at Backing Electoral College Challenge in the Senate
Breitbart, Jeff Poor 12/17/2020

Sen.-elect Tommy Tuberville defies Mitch McConnell, opens door to Electoral College challenge in Senate
The Blaze, Chris Pandolfo 12/17/2020

Senator-elect Tubberville suggests he supports Jan. 6 election challenge
Alabama Political Reporter, Eddie Burkhalter 12/17/2020

New Alabama GOP senator implies he will challenge the Electoral College results on the Senate floor
AlterNet, Sarah Burris 12/17/2020

Traitorous GOP Senator Vows To Challenge Biden Victory In Congress
Bipartisan Report, Gloria Christie 12/17/2020

Listen: Background Briefing: December 7, 2020
Background Briefing, Ian Masters 12/7/2020

AOC Says Crenshaw Has ‘Disdain’ For ‘Working Class.’ Crenshaw Fires Back: We Who Fought In Afghanistan Will Check Our Privilege
The Daily Wire, Hank Berrien 12/6/2020

Rep. Dan Crenshaw Responds To Ocasio-Cortez’s ‘Cried In The Back’ Tweet, Receives Pushback
The Daily Caller, Brianna Lyman 12/5/2020

Ocasio-Cortez rips into Dan Crenshaw after audio leaks of him mocking food & bev industry workers
Occupy Democrats, Colin Taylor 12/5/2020

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