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In a panel about making cuts to the military budget in favor of social spending, former congressman Barney Frank and former governor Howard Dean discuss closing bases, ending wars, and reducing boots on the ground. The implication is the transition to a more CIA-intelligence-based type of warfare. I ask Mr. Frank if he supports the use of drones, and hilarity ensues. In a panel called "Weak Democrats vs. Strong Progressives: Lessons from the Social Security Fight," Congressmen Alan Grayson (via Skype) and Mark Takano discuss their Grover-Norquist-style pledge to not make any cuts to Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid. Rep. Takano tells me why he thinks Obama compromises foundational principles of the Democratic Party. Senate candidate for South Dakota Rick Weiland says his top issue is overturning Citizens United and eliminating corporate personhood... music to my ears.

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