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Tea Party Senator Knows How to Repeal Obamacare

At the FreedomWorks event Free the People in Salt Lake City, Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) tells a room of bloggers that he will introduce new legislation to repeal Obamacare based on recent moves made by the president that he says have rendered the healthcare law invalid. In addition to his own legislation, Sen. Lee offers: "...We need to refuse to fund, we need to refuse to pass any funding mechanism, continuing resolution or otherwise, that funds the ongoing operations of government, unless that mechanism strips out Obamacare implementation and enforcement funding." "This lumps the progressives who've backed this thing in the same camp as the caricature they've painted of us. They've painted conservatives as these heartless friends of corporate fat cats, and yet they've just demonstrated that this is exactly what they are..." Watch to find out his reasoning... and don't forget to subscribe for more behind-the-scenes reporting from Lauren Windsor.

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