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Illegal Hotel Operator to Airbnb Policy Adviser: How Can Airbnb Block Subpoenas for Host Data?

"James," a New York Airbnb host wishing to remain anonymous, asks former Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, who is now the lead of Airbnb's Mayoral Advisory Board, about how the company can shield data from cities seeking information subpoenas about hosts. I ask Mayor Nutter if Airbnb has a policy on how many days are too many days for hosts to list a property, if 365 days per year is too many days. The question is meant to discern whether Airbnb believes "hosts" should be able to essentially run hotels, since they would not be living in their "homes" at any point during the year. Although he is a mayoral policy adviser, he claims not to know the technical details of one of the most contentious aspects of policy negotiations with cities. Sponsored by American Family Voices, part of the coalition.

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